The Inspiration!

As a busy mom of four, Dendy understands that a second pregnancy is completely different from the first time around.  Less anxious about the delivery and more confident in how to care for an infant, her concern shifted to the impact the new baby would have on the existing family dynamic and how to prepare the older siblings for the changes.

 Frustrated by the lack of support and guidance for her concerns, Dendy was determined to create her own solution that would ensure smooth transitions for her little ones as her family grew.  She dreamed up the Stork on the Stoop™ concept toward the end of her third pregnancy, so she couldn’t try it for herself until 18 months later when baby #4 was on the way.


Below are a few pictures from the original Stork on the Stoop™ experience.

Sharing the Joy!

After seeing the joy and excitement that the stork delivered to her family, Dendy realized that this simple solution could help others navigating the same transitions.  Encouraged by friends and family, Dendy and her husband decided to create the Stork on the Stoop™ Box Set so other families could enjoy the same fun and convenient experience.

The story had already been written, but Dendy knew that improving upon the rough version of a book and generic stuffed stork was going to take hard work and creativity.  To bring it all together, she recruited some help from other Moms who agreed that this was a perfect solution to an enormous unmet need.

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