Stork Arrival! - Activity Guide

Activity: Introduce your child to their new stork friend and let the memorable experiences begin!



  1. Organize the delivery at the front door with all of the supplies above
    • Unbox the “Stork on the Stoop™ – Box Set” and present the plush stork toy and hardcover storybook without the box
  2. Lead your child to discover the delivery
  3. Read the “Stork Arrival! - Delivery Card” as a family
  4. Read the Stork on the Stoop™ storybook as a family
    • Reinforce that the stork has arrived to help get ready for the new baby’s arrival and may occasionally disappear to go pick up things they may need to prepare
  5. Let your child name their new Stork
  6. Complete the personalization page in the Stork on the Stoop™ storybook
  7. Let the magical experience begin!

Next Steps: