Getting Ready For the Baby's Arrival (Weeks 35-36)

Activity: Talk as a family about the plan for when the baby arrives and pack all the hospital bags. Consider letting the stork deliver the news of a special activity that your child gets to do the day the baby is born with their Grandparents, Aunt/Uncle, or a close family friend. Also, consider having the stork deliver a special toy to play with at the hospital.


  • Your Stork
  • Weeks 35-36 Baby Development Update Card. [Free Printable Materials Coming Soon!]
  • Special Activity Ticket(s) (optional)
  • Special Hospital Toy (optional)


  1. Organize the delivery at the front door with all of the supplies above
  2. Lead your child to discover the delivery
  3. Read the “Weeks 35-36 Baby Development Update Card” as a family. [Free Printable Materials Coming Soon!]
  4. Talk about the plans for the day the baby arrives
  5. Consider presenting your toddler with a “Special Activity Ticket” that explains a special “big kid” activity that they get to do with their Grandparents, Aunt/Uncle, or a close family friend on the day the baby comes
  6. Pack the hospital bags together
  7. Show your child the toy their stork brought them to play with at the hospital, or let them pick out a couple current toys that they want to include in their hospital bag!

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