The Baby's Lungs Are Getting Stronger (Weeks 33-34)

Activity: Make a lung model as a family to learn about what our lungs do and how important it is that the baby’s get stronger before they arrive


  • Your Stork
  • Weeks 33-34 Baby Development Update Card. [Free Printable Materials Coming Soon!]
  • Long bendy straws
  • 2 plastic sandwich bags
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Lung Model Template . For a printable template, check out How to Make a Lung Model with Kids from hello, Wonderful.


  1. Organize the delivery at the front door with all of the supplies above
  2. Lead your child to discover the delivery
  3. Read the “Weeks 33-34 Baby Development Update Card” as a family. [Free Printable Materials Coming Soon!]
  4. Follow the instructions on How to Make a Lung Model with Kids from hello, Wonderful
  5. Let your kids blow in the long ends of the straws and watch the “lungs” expand and contract with air blown in and sucked out. Explain that the baby’s lungs are starting to form so that they will be able to breath when they get out of Mommy’s tummy and into the world!

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