Weeks 39-40

Activity: Make a birthday card for the baby.  You may consider letting your child pick out a toy for a “Birthday present” to give the baby at the hospital.


  • Your Stork
  • Weeks 39-40 Baby Development Update Card
  • Printer paper
  • Markers, crayons, and/or coloring pencils
  • Gift for baby from big bother/sister (optional)
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  1. Organize the delivery at the front door with all of the supplies above
  2. Lead your child to discover the delivery
  3. Read the “Weeks 39-40 Baby Development Update Card” as a family
  4. Fold a piece of computer paper in half to create a folding birthday card
  5. Help your little one write “Happy Birthday” and any other message they may want to put on the card for the baby and then decorate the card with color
  6. Let the soon-to-be big bother/sister see the gift their stork brought them to give the baby at the hospital (optional)
  7. Put the birthday card and gift (optional) in the hospital bag to give the baby at the hospital!
Printable Supplies:
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