Help with Nursery Preparation

One of the major perks of non-first-time pregnancy is that you’ve already accumulated most of the essential big-ticket items (crib, rocker, changing table, etc.). Getting the nursery ready for the new baby may not require as much effort as the first time around, but this is a great opportunity to involve your little one so they feel like they are an important part of the process.

Just as these lines from the Stork on the Stoop™ book suggest, gathering these basic items for the new nursery may create the perfect opportunity for you to talk to them about how they used to be a baby and needed all the same things.  It may be reassuring to them that all the excitement and attention around preparing for the “new baby” is not due to an imbalance of love and attention, but simply what a baby needs in the beginning.

Whether you are setting up a new nursery, or moving things around for the crib in a shared bedroom, it’s important for the future big brother/sister to start to process the changes that are coming with a new baby.  Instead of your child feeling left out or even replaced, have your stork deliver a few of the early nursery preparation items suggested below to make your little one feel like they are a part of the process! 

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